An hour of movie footage set during, but not the same as the footage from, The Matrix Reloaded was shot to tie in with the game.

Complete the game as either character and the final FMV includes the teaser trailer for The Matrix Revolutions.

All of the actors in the Matrix movies did motion-capture to act out the in-game scenes and facial-capture.

Scenes in the game interleave closely with scenes from Last Flight of the Osiris and The Matrix Reloaded films. The game commences after the last scene of the former, and the gameplayer gets to destroy the power station before the assault on The Core. There are a number of revelations concerning the characters are also revealed in the FMV, such as why the Oracle changed form, and what became of Cain.

Although the game was almost universally panned by video game critics, it had sold well over a million copies by the end of 2003.

With a budget of $20 million, this game, alongside with Shenmue, was the most expensive video game at it’s release.