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By Paul Martin May 23rd, 2002, in The Matrix Reloaded

Pics from the set of the Matrix Reloaded have been posted by Australian Site, they include the phone booth from pics seen last year, and more, including a description of what they shot there, over and over. Pretty cool pictures, check them out at Overclockers.

DanDare sends this:
I have encoded the MATRIX RELOADED TEASER TRAILER with Microsoft MPEG4 codec for video and the MP3 codec at 128Kb for audio. It will play better on old computers than the Quicktime version plus is only 8.6 Mb compared to the 24
Mb original one. The width and height of the video are the same than the original one, 640×288.

You can also download from this site 38 screenshots of the teaser trailer, pic by pic or all the pics on a Zip file.

Dan Dare’s Site

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