The Matrix: The Shooting Script and Complete Storyboards

Book Description
The first and only book licensed by the creators of this awesome film–“A careening cyberride without the headset, a virtual masterpiece…The Bible meets Batman; Lewis Carroll collides with William Gibson, Greek and geek mythology bump and run.”–Richard Corliss, Time magazine. An intimate journey into the mind’s eyes of the two brothers who wrote and directed one of 1999’s most unusual and successful movies of the year (over $170 million in the US and Canada; $350 million worldwide)–The Matrix grew out of the Wachowskis’ fascination with ideas that challenge perceptions of reality, and the way that mythology and the Internet informed culture. It tells the story of a computer hacker Keanu Reeves) in the 22nd century who joins a band of freedom fighters (led by Laurence Fishburne) struggling against evil computers that control the earth. To sell their amazing script to Warner executives, the talented Wachowski brothers employed tom comic book professionals to visualize their script in the form of storyboards. This unique book will include the complete storyboards created for 219 scenes by Steve Skroce and others, the Wachowskis’ complete shooting script, many of their original sketches, several gatefolds of Geof Darrow’s intricate conceptual designs, annotations by Skroce and Phil Oosterhouse, and a section on scenes cut before filming, annotated, wioth script pages and storyboards. A must for all science fiction, cyberspace, comic book, and Matrix fans!