The Matrix: The Series, and more

By Paul Martin May 23rd, 2002, in The Matrix, The Matrix Reloaded

A film insider tells the Daily Telegraph what the Wachowski brothers think about the city of Sydney, Australia:
“That’s what they’re saying, Sydney is The Matrix,” said one film insider.

Filming for The Matrix sequels has Sydney bursting, with the film’s main base, Fox Studios at Moore Park, filled to capacity.

Warehouses in the city are also being used. Reportedly, hundreds of sets have been built for the film, while external scenes have been filmed at Governor Phillip Tower, Redfern Railyards and the White Bay Power Station.

“It’s the single biggest project that’s ever been filmed here,” said one observer, claiming it even dwarfs Star Wars Episode 2: Attack of the Clones and Mission Impossible 2.”

The article also mentions that the Wachowski brothers reportedly are working on a TV series, based on The Matrix.

The Weekend Australian reports that model Abang Othow will have a role in The Matrix Sequel. Just how large of a role is unknown.

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