Buddhism <<The Matrix is actually a direct parable of Buddhism. One of the underlying beliefs of Eastern religion (and in fact what sets them in diametric opposition to Judeo/Christianity) is that enlightenment involves recognizing that the world around us is an illusion. Conversely, Christianity teaches one to follow the lord like sheep to a shephard, and – one could imagine the Christ myth as a programmed collective memory used by the matrix to keep massive amounts of the population in line. If this is the case, and we’re part of the Matrix as we speak, would Eastern religion be made up of those who are beginning to get an inkling that we’re all really pod-people? Makes sense… especially considering that the spoon-bending kid in line to see the Oracle was decked out like a Tibetan monk.>>
<<Well, if one knows or studied Buddhism, he/she would realize that, technically, Jesus is a buddah…for being one means to be “the enlightened one.” Many sects of Buddhism acknowledge him as such.>>
Gnosticism Gnosticism in the Matrix