Paul Martin (Specter) – Creator of way back in 1999, though at the time it was on a free website host that doesn’t exist anymore.  I’m also co-owner and co-founder of ProTrainings, a company providing internet based training for first aid, CPR and other health and safety programs.

Konman72 – A recent addition to the team, and the only other writer on the site at this time.


If you’d like to join the team, please let us know.  It’s a good way to get some experience in writing on a blog and building traffic for a website.  It’s unpaid, but the experience is valuable.  People that have blogged here and on other blogs that I run have gone on to create some very popular blogs based on other topics that they’re interested in, and while they no longer write for me anymore, I’m happy to promote their work as well!


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