Set photos from Alameda

By Paul Martin May 24th, 2001, in The Matrix Reloaded

Our friends at The Matrix Online have just posted some new photos from a Matrix Reloaded set. Some are arial shots and others are Manex Studios buildings and a picture, albeit small, of the “Burlyman” logo.

Here is what The Matrix Online has to say:

Well, here are a bunch of pictures thanks to Sharon Phillips who has taken a special liking to The Matrix Online. I know I am very appreciative of that fact so thanks again Sharon!

Here are some exerpts from her emails:

“These pictures look like the other aerials that I’ve taken, except on this day, the vehicles were moving along the “freeway”. In the blurry pictures you can pick out the semi-trucks and cars”

“There’s a picture of the base entrance, one of the Manex Studios buildings, the Burly Man logo on a building and the eastern entrance to the “freeway”. Something to note about the freeway entrance picture is how high the walls are in comparison to the trio of portable potties toward the left side of the picture.”

Sharon mentioned that some of the pics were blurry and that she was sorry as she didn’t use here good camera. I put them up anyway as they give a great perspective on how HUGE this set is. Not only the height of the walls in the lower photo but the length of the freeway. I think some very high speed stuff is going to happen here. Very exciting!

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