Sense8 Could Go for Five to Six Seasons

By Konman72 February 5th, 2014, in Miscellaneous, Uncategorized


In an interview with Zap2it J. Michael Staczynski, who is collaborating with the Wachowskis to create the Netflix show “Sense8”, gave up a good amount of details about the show. While there were many interesting bits of information, the most important has to be the desired length of the show. “We pitched it as a five-year story. We’ve mapped out five seasons of this thing, our actor deals are being made for five seasons, five or six depending on the breaks. So we imagined this over the long, long haul. The first season is the origin story for our characters and then we kind of go from there.”

This, of course, depends on how successful the show is. So far Netflix has seen great success with almost all of their original programming so cancellations have been rare. However, this is all new territory for the entertainment industry, so a five season run is not a guarantee. “Sense8” is set for a late 2014 premier exclusively on Netflix.

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