No Joke Today Folks

By Paul Martin June 8th, 2001, in The Matrix Reloaded

That’s right… the news we have recieved isn’t anything at all… it gives nothing that is important, nada, zilch, zip, a clashing of nothing, an impressive lack of detail, need I say more? If you are curious as to what it is, read on, but don’t say I didn’t warn you!

Here it is: “A woman -“Julie” (she lives in Alameda) sent me this report from the set:

My husband showed me where the dressing rooms were. The door was open a bit, but we were pressed for time and I couldn’t look in there. All the other areas are heavily securted with big fences and guards and there is no way I could possibly get in. My husband also said that they had closed down some streets in Oakland and had police guarding the area so nobody could get in there. That’s about all I know. I will let you know if I find out any more.”

As you can see… it really is nothing at all. Plus, this was Finals Week for me. Next week, I’ll be at Cedar Point on Tuesday and then Friday, heading to South Bend, Indiana. Monday should be the next posting, if not sooner.


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