New Photos From the Set of the Wachowski’s ‘Jupiter Ascending’

By Konman72 August 6th, 2013, in Jupiter Ascending

With filming for the Wachowski’s new film “Jupiter Ascending” continuing in Illinois, fans have had a chance to get close enough to take some candid pictures of the set and cast. They can be a bit blurry due to being taken on smartphones but they still give you a sense of just how interesting this film will be.


Much of the costuming is very intricate and the makeup seems to fit with the otherworldly description of the plot on IMDB. It looks like the Wachowski’s new film might lean more toward hard SciFi than any previous Wachowski film. I cannot wait to see it, most likely at a midnight showing.


Credit for the photos go to Raquel Noriega and Ashley Reitz.

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