More Matrix 2 and 3 Casting

By Paul Martin December 8th, 2000, in The Matrix Cast, The Matrix Reloaded, The Matrix Revolutions

C.H.U.D. broke a story yesterday about possible casting decisions the producers of the Matrix sequels are mulling over. Among the names dropped by the site were Aaliyah (Romeo Must Die), Harold Perrineau, Jr. (Oz) and Harry Lennix (Titus). C.H.U.D. mentions the actors as being under consideration and not officially confirmed for any parts — yet. [Originally appeared on C.H.U.D.]

And we’ve got our own Matrix casting scoop to report today. It was during last weekend’s marathon junkets for the upcoming Sandra Bullock movie Miss Congeniality that CA‘s own Suni Sidhu overheard one of Sandra’s co-stars from that film mention his name and the words “Matrix sequels” in the same sentence. Suni explains:

I was able to sit in on a roundtable interview with Benjamin Bratt, who can be seen opposite Sandra Bullock in this month’s Miss Congeniality. Just as Bratt was itching to get away from the group of ruthless journalists, he was asked what his next project would be. Interestingly enough, Bratt insisted that he currently had no projects, but he has been talking to the Wachowski brothers a lot lately. When an apparently clueless person dared to ask why, he replied, ‘Matrix 2, of course.’ Bratt was nearly giddy as he said this, and seems to be trying to pull some strings to land a role in the film. He also says he has a decent martial arts background, with such talents being essential to the Matrix actors. Also, having Julia Roberts in his corner, and his recent association with Trinity’s Carrie Ann Moss in Red Planet, it’ll be interesting to see if the guy can pull it off.

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