Monica Belluci – what is she wearing?

By Paul Martin December 6th, 2001, in The Matrix Cast, The Matrix Reloaded

“The one who sees every scene they shoot” sends this report our way. Interesting stuff.. can’t wait to hear more:

just something the all the guys might want to know
about. Monica Bellucci wears a nice white/cream TIGHT
dress in a number of scenes, the dress is so tight
infact that she cant wear any underware!! this
combined with the high intencity lighting makes the
dress SEETHRU!! you can see her [Covering] straight
through the dress and it is nice :=0 but unfortunatly
no cinema goer will see it because as i tell you this,
the boys in the paint box suites are matting it out by
order of the producers :=(

Also pay close attention to anything that says “THE
BURLYMAN”. this is what all the official stationary and
orderforms from the production company have as the
eg.. Matrix 2 productions

The one who sees every scene they shoot
and will let you know of more matrix stuff when i have more time

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