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By Paul Martin January 30th, 2003, in The Matrix Cast, The Matrix Reloaded, The Matrix Revolutions

Phildar sent in this article. It contains some HEAVY SPOILER hints. Here is the e-mail, followed by the article:

In a recent interview she gave to a the french mag Studio, Monica Bellucci told her amazing journey in the universe of the Matrix. I tried to translate some interesing extracts from it. It contains some minor spoilers… Hope you’ll enjoy!

“ The only thing I can tell is the three main characters are still the ones played by Keanu Reeves, Carrie-Anne Moss, and Laurence Fishburne ; that I’m among the new characters who appear in the second movie and that I have a very small role in the third one. I got no action scene, well only one in fact, but one very special. Then I didn’t have to jump on walls, nor practice martial arts like Carrie-Anne Moss who executes some unbelievable technical valors! […]

“Actually the first thing I do when I arrive on the set is the rehearsals. I understand pretty quickly the Wachowski have a very definite idea of what they want! I meet Lambert Wilson who is absolutely lovely. I meet Keanu again. I’ve known him on Dracula (Coppola) when I started my carreer. I had only a small role in a sublime erotic scene ; I had to jump on a bed with some other girls and to kiss this handsome lad! And almost ten years later I have to make something very big with him – which I can’t spoil, but it’s not bad either! […]

“Then comes my first day of shooting. This won’t belong to the movie but to the video game which is meant to be released with the movie! The Wachowski are directing me… which is fun. Anyway, we shoot it like a movie. It’s cool because it allows me to enter this universe in a soft way. The next step is the real shooting. The place where it’s done is extremely well protected and… HUGE! A city! Some days I’m sure more than 2000 persons are working on these sequels. Amazing! […]

“With the passing days, my character gets more precise. Even though the Wachowskis didn’t tell me about her mythological nature, I have some books they brought at my disposal. […] In a way she’s prisoner because of her husband… It’s obvious Persephonis is hugely inspired by this goddess. Caught between the Matrix and the real world. In the movie she’s a woman who had a lot of lives. As soon as she touches someone, she can feel what he/she’s feeling. She’s like a predatory, a vampire of feelings. […]

“Most of my scenes are with Keanu, Carrie-Anne, Laurence and Lambert. Lambert is often with us. One day he had to tell a very long monologue in font of a lot of people, he showed himself so good that at the end of the take everyone applauded, charmed by this handsome French. […]

The days I don’t work, I sometimes go to see the preparation of the action scenes. I saw a mind-blowing one – but I can’t reveal anything! – I long for seeing that on the big screen. […]

The last scene I shoot before leaving Australia is the one we see on the only photo with me the studio released. I’m on the foreground, the others behind me are forced to wear sunglasses since we are in the Matrix. Lambert is facing me, we have a big dialogue together and what I say is going to trigger off a really big fight!!! […]

“I’ve still not seen any images of the movie except a few scenes I dubbed in Los Angeles for 2-3 days. There I met Joel Silver for the first time. We’ve talked about the way the movies will be released, the marketing stuff… He would love to make the world premiere at Cannes, for the Festival. It’s apparently going well.” […]

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