Matrix Video Game Details from E3

By Paul Martin May 22nd, 2001, in Video Games

Well, as you probably know, the Electronic Entertainment Expo came through Los Angeles this last weekend and what a show it was!

I wanted to get some updates regarding the Shiny Entertainment ‘Matrix’ game reported on here.

I spoke to an unnamed representative (as this is still “highly classified”) of Shiny who was directly involved with ‘The Matrix’ game production. He seemed to be the only rep at E3 from Shiny since they had no booth and were not even mentioned in the Program or Interplay Concourse.

I tried to get all the good info like the game title and environment, character interaction, etc. He obviously couldn’t answer any of my specific questions and only gave me these few details:

Perspective: 3rd Person RPG

Base Engine: Messiah

Release Date: December 2002

That sure isn’t much but it is a bit more than I knew last week. I am going to search out some more info through my contact at Shiny and I will keep you posted.

I saw this over at VooDooExtreme Forums:

“Yes, the Matrix game is using RTDAT, the producer is Stuart Roch who is in charge of Team Ego (one of Shinys teams). Also, Shiny is still looking for some guys willing and being good enough to work on the game.

As you can guess from the jobs listed at the matrix game will lay great emphasis on cinematics, matrix like feeling (e.g. bullet time effect. its not stated on the site tho…) and impressive visuals.

Also, DP promised a REALLY innovative fighting system that will most likeley be based around the fact that the new consoles offer analog buttons.

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