Matrix Trailer, Best of SuperBowl

By Paul Martin February 13th, 2003, in The Matrix Reloaded

TeutonicKnight comes through again with another obscure matrix article: is putting out awards for the best Superbowl trailer, and the winner is… you guessed it: The Matrix Reloaded/Revolutions Superbowl Trailer!

“After watching all the commercials and studying them over again, I have to say that my favorite display of editing technique had to be the trailer for the next two “The Matrix” movies. Here’s a spot for anyone who ever doubted how important the audio is in a production. Watch this spot and listen to all the great music and sound effects. Pay close attention to how the sound brings the spot to a series of high points that wouldn’t be nearly as powerful with visual editing alone. Try watching it with the sound off and then on, and notice the difference. Also note the intense nature of the composited effects, which take the concept of time and compress it, while the camera moves about in an entirely different time reference. Also note the use of the one- or two-frame flashes with various quick dissolves. It’s a masterpiece that takes editing and compositing to a whole new level — and could be even better than the movie itself. Bravo.”


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