Joey Pants talks Matrix

By Paul Martin June 28th, 2001, in The Matrix, The Matrix Cast

Joe Pantoliano was named the “It Everyman” in Entertainment Weekly’s It List for 2001. This article is part of an interview I found on 13th Street.

When asked about the Matrix sequel and if he was upset that he wasn’t a part of it, Joe deadpanned, “Hugely. You know what those guys are making? I’m not artistically disappointed, I’m financially disappointed.” The jokes kept coming as he told us a funny story about the first Matrix movie after being asked why wasn’t he a part of it. “They didn’t want me. Do me a favor, when you do the Matrix 2 press junket, can you all tell them that you really noticed that Joe Pantoliano was missing? I really missed the Cypher character. I’ll tell you a great story. When we were about to start making The Matrix, Larry Wachowski called me up and said, Keanu is upset because they’re going to cut the steak scene. I said, why is he upset? He said, it’s his favorite scene. I said, oh, that’s too bad, but tell him to grow up. He started laughing and said, you haven’t read the script yet, have you? I said, yeah, I read it. He goes, you’re in the steak scene! I said, it’s my favorite scene. Carrie-Anne Moss had a party and I went there and I didn’t know Keanu that well. I’d met him before. I said to him, right in front of the Wachowskis, can you believe these guys were going to cut the steak scene? And he goes, I know, it was my favorite scene. I go, mine, too and we’re going to be great in that scene together! Everybody just shut down and Andy and Larry started laughing and I go, what? Hugo Weaving goes, we’re in that scene together. I go, let me finish!”

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