Joel Silver talks more Matrix 2, SPOILER

By Paul Martin October 30th, 2001, in The Matrix Reloaded

Producer Joel Silver has been talking more about the much-anticipated “Matrix” sequels.

“[The Wachowski (Larry and Andy) brothers]…keep telling me that these two new movies are so expensive and such a complicated shoot that it could break them, destroy their reputation if it doesn’t live up to people’s expectations. As a result, we’re trying to do what nobody has ever even dreamed of seeing.

He also spoke a bit about the preparation Keanu Reeves goes through in bringing his character to life. “Having made a picture with Jet Li and seeing the level and amount of preparation he devotes to these kind of movies is staggering but Keanu is ten times what Jet Li has given to the screen. Keanu is just a machine. Jet will shoot the fight sequences in small pieces. He plots out exactly how the individual sequences will go together and shoots them separately.

“Keanu wants to do the whole fight with no breaks. He’s relentless. Like Larry and Andy he wants to deliver what no one has ever seen. I look at the dailies and it’s unbelievable. Cutting edge doesn’t begin to describe what they’re creating.

Silver even offers up a spoiler that not everyone may want to know about. Here it is… “At the end of the first sequel there’s a car chase that takes place in the matrix. It’s just so beyond anything you could ever imagine because there are no laws, no rules in that computerized world.”

Wow, sounds super cool!

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