Doc Frankenstein coming Next Week

By Paul Martin December 6th, 2004, in Comics

Bordough originally posted this:
Straight from the Matrix HQ comes word that in one week, Doc Frankenstein will be released. This means December first (1st) is the projected release date of Burlyman Entertainment’s Doc Frankenstein

Here’s the story straight from the source:

OK, so why have Andy and Larry Wachowski started a comic company? Why has this comic company chosen as its first two ongoing titles, DOC FRANKENSTEIN and SHAOLIN COWBOY?

The answers are coming, straight from the Brothers Wachowski; get these answers and more in their introduction to DOC FRANKENSTEIN, issue one, arriving in comic shops one week from today.

More on SHAOLIN COWBOY, issue one, and the now oversized 176 page MATRIX COMICS: VOLUME TWO, next week.

Happy Thanksgiving.

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