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By Paul Martin September 3rd, 2004, in Comics

Bordough sent us this update:

Today, the 3rd of September, in a not so surprising turn of events, Burlyman Entertainment HQ (www.burlymanentertainment.com) has put up 12, count ’em, TWELVE glorious Skroce-illustrated, Wachowski dialogue-driven pages of the up-and-coming Burly Comic – Doctor Frankenstein!

The Matrix Comics
Vol 1

Amazon | Amazon.co.uk

Volume 2

This comes not quite as a surprise considering Doc Frankenstein is launching in November with a bi-monthly schedule to be followed the next month by its counterpart on the Burly line-up – Shaolin Cowboy.

On an interesting but ultimately as-of-now unimportant issue, the Matrix Art books pages are still as of yet devoid of updates!

So do yourself a favor and read Doctor Frankenstein, an action packed social satire on the world’s present condition, and then go vote! Yay for free speech!

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