Bigger and Better Fight Scenes

By Paul Martin September 15th, 2000, in The Matrix Reloaded, The Matrix Revolutions

Better, stronger, faster? No it’s not the Six Million Dollar Man but according to the Wachowski brothers the fight scenes in the next two Matrix films will be even more explosive and jaw-dropping than featured in the original. The Internet Movie Database reports that directors Andy and Larry Wachowski have summoned the stunt team to choreograph even more high caliber action. Apparently, fight coordinator Wu Ping is in the preliminary stages of creating the dynamic scenes and has already started auditioning potential fight doubles. British martial art stunt agent, Anthony Jones of Zeon Management says, “Wu Ping is looking for a really crack team of fighters. He’s out to make the most compulsive fight scenes at the movies…

The Wachowski brothers seem to be raising the stakes in their own franchise.

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