Another Interview with Don Davis

IGN FilmForce interviews Don Davis, the composer on The Matrix, Jurassic Park III, and the Matrix sequels:

IGNFF: What’s the next project on your plate?

DAVIS: I’m just cruising until Matrix 2 and 3 come around…

IGNFF: Have they given you a tentative ETA on doing 2?

DAVIS: I think I’ll see it around June of 2002. I did some pre-score for Matrix 2 for a scene that involves visual reaction to music, which they shot to in Alameda.

IGNFF: Is that the kind of thing that most likely will be changed by the time the final score rolls around so it will be more integrated, or does something like that usually stay intact?

DAVIS: When I first read the sequence, I though that it would involve orchestra, but now that I come to know the scene a little better, I think it will remain more of a source kind of situation – what you see is what you hear. Jason Bentley, who is the producer of the song album, had some material that they were shooting to as well, and it may involve segue-waying from my music to the song, or something like that. It’s kind of in flux at this point.

IGNFF: With the style of music in The Matrix, does that involve sticking mainly with electronics as opposed to full orchestration?

DAVIS: For the underscore of The Matrix, we’re still planning on going with full orchestra along with synthesizers and perhaps a choir, if it warrants it. We had a choir in the first Matrix.

IGNFF: It must have been so subtle that I didn’t track on it.

DAVIS: It’s interesting, because Jurassic Park had a choir – the theme had choir in it – it seems that some people have made the point that I have added choir to the theme, which isn’t the case. I just think it’s mixed hotter on the CD, so they notice it more. But the original Jurassic Park theme – the noble theme – that had choir in it.

Source: IGN Film Force