Ack! Mis-information from AintItCool

By Paul Martin August 28th, 2001, in The Matrix Reloaded, The Matrix Revolutions

Okay… This comes from Aint It Cool News. Possible Spoilers! Don’t be fooled by this story. Matrix Revisited is a DVD for release on Nov. 20, see the PRE-ORDER link below. The filming was all for Matrix Reloaded (Matrix 2) and none for Matrix 3

“MATRIX 2 & 3 A WRAP?”
“Not quite a total wrap, but apparently the recently wrapped MATRIX San Francisco shoot encompassed material for both MATRIX RELOADED *and* MATRIX REVISITED. Could be worth bearing in mind when speculating on the plot – maybe those silver dreadlocked blokes and their super duper cars are going to be turning up in the third movie of the trilogy rather than the second…”

Source: Aint It Cool News

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